Solid Customer Service!

Jimmy Sweeney

Absolutely fantastic, I knew when Yanik Silver recommended your work that you’d be good. You are worth every penny and then some, I’m so glad I did not “skimp” and buy one of those “create your own” ecovers programs. I almost did.

I feel so good knowing that I have these awesome ORIGINALS all to myself.

By the way, it is rare to find a business that does such great work, provides such solid customer service and then exceeds my expectations with a couple of freebie graphics to boot!

Thanks again Vaughan, I’ll definitely have some more work for you shortly.

Jimmy Sweeney

World-Class Design!

Ken Silver

My software cover is excellent! It has just the right look and feel that I imagined. As a graphic artist myself, I appreciate the thought that has gone into the design, and your masterpiece shows that you have a truly marketing-oriented grasp of my expectations.

I feel so good knowing that I have these awesome ORIGINALS all to myself.

You’ve put my picture and signature on the box which has given it the authenticity that I constantly preach about in my manuals – and you did it without my suggestions.

Above all, you have given my project an all-important real-world presence… taken it from words on the screen to a fully-fledged living, breathing product. A world-class design from our own tiny country! I’m impressed.

Ken Silver
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