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It's no coincidence that all bestsellers have exceptional covers. The first impression can often make or break the sale.

At KillerCovers our book cover designs for print are a reflection of our 10+ years experience in designing covers for both non-fiction and fiction. This means your new book cover will not only look great, but will also:

  • Captivate audience attention
  • Clearly convey your books theme or message
  • Use proven sales triggers
  • Get your book to sell - and keep on selling!

Our team also has a great deal of experience designing book covers for all the major print on demand publishers like,, and more.

So, you can either trust that all your customers are living by the old saying "never judge a book by its cover," or you can trust the team at KillerCovers to design you a crisp, sharp cover that grabs attention and looks great on any bookshelf.

They Give Me the "Edge" That I Need

As a fitness professional, you are constantly judged by your outward appearance. People are looking at you… observing you… they want to know if you and your body paint the picture of perfect health. Well, my products must paint that same picture of full unadulterated excellence and elegance. That’s why I choose Vaughan and Killer Covers again and again. They give me the “edge” that I need in a highly competitive field. Thanks again guys!
Matt Elam

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  • Book Cover to Your Printers Specifications
  • Full Graphic design front and spine
  • Back cover design, with up to 600 words copy (approx) and two images (e.g. author photo and logo)
  • FREE web image of your Cover

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If you have different requirements, or require multiple print covers we can help.  You can request a quote by contacting us here.