Crisp & Clear: Professional

 Print Cover Graphics

When you pick up something tangible you will automatically study it. You see in much higher resolution that a computer screen will display. So whatever you are holding in your hands had better look good – because every small mistake will stick out like a sore thumb.

The team at KillerCovers realize this, and we know that there is a big difference between designing for web and designing for print. Whether it is print-on-demand or a full production run, the results are crisp, clear and professional graphics.

No matter if you are having your products printed by an offset printer, or a print-on-demand company like,, or, we will be able to help.

Book Covers

High resolution, affordable print covers suitable for printing both soft or hard cover books, manuals and workbooks. Whether you are after fiction or non-fiction, our covers are for high impact, to capture your audience’s attention and to convert into sales.

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DVD Cases and Labels

Our DVD cases will have the same professional, high quality graphics as they do on the disc label. This raises the perceived value of your product in the eyes of your customer so they can’t help but want to reach for their wallet.

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CD Jewel Cases and Labels

Get the same consistent, high quality graphics on the CD jewel case as you do on the disk, giving you a very professional image that will stand out from the crowd.

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Fastest, Easiest, and Most Professional! is the fastest, easiest, and most professional graphic service we have ever worked with — and we’ve worked with a lot of them.

Vaughan Davidson has an innate understanding of what catches people’s eye in a sales and marketing context… be it cover design layout, CD cover layout, jewel case layout or other merchandising needs. I was pleased to find that I was able to ask his team to customize the layouts produced, and this was done without quibble — and with lightning-speed turnaround. After trying the ‘mine-field’ that the likes of eLance and others can be, it is a pleasure to work with a team who think like experienced marketers, and who collaborate with you to produce results without a steep learning-curve.

Max Eames