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Standard Killercover

Just a Killercover Please! I want to order a new Killercover for display on the web. My KillerCover design will include up to two images from Royalty Free stock libraries incorporated into my design. I understand the Killercover will be designed by a professional graphic designer and because it will be in screen resolution I will not be able to print it *.

I will recieve:

  1. 1 x large png 3D cover
  2. 1 x large 2D front cover
  3. 1 x Word document template with your cover attached to help you create a professional ebook
  4. You will also be given access to our resizing app for you to resize your cover down to the exact size to your requirements.

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* Special Introductory Price for limited time only, Normal retail price $147.00.
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Order Now

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After you have entered your credit card details, you will be automatically taken to a page on this site where you will enter your design details. This is where you can choose the style you like, provide a title and other information for your new Killer Cover.

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* You will be able to print out your eCover graphics, however these will be at 72dpi and not crisp and clear like a graphic created specifically for print.