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As a KillerCovers Affiliate, we will pay you a 7% referral fee for every e-cover sale that you generate. You can sign up for FREE and start making money straight away. Simply follow these 2 easy steps.

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Step 1

We use ClickBank which is one of the Internets most trusted companies to independently track all sales and send out your paychecks two times a month.

If you already have a ClickBank username then jump straight to step 2. If not, just click here to sign up. ClickBank will ask you for your contact information, a nickname, and a password. Don’t worry, it’s FREE!


Step 2

After you have signed up with ClickBank.com simply put the following link into your site:


Replace xxxxx with your ClickBank account name. If you would like more linking options, e.g. Text Links, Banners, and Classified Ads then Click Here

That’s it, now every time that someone on your site clicks on the link they will come to KillerCovers.com, and if they order an e-cover you will receive 7% commission.

Please note that our new ‘Other Services’ in the KillerCover range are not covered by this Affiliate Program and it is only applicable to our eCovers design.  A more comprehensive and extensive Affiliate Program covering a broader range of products, is currently in development and will be launching soon.


That’s It.
Now You Can Start